Cutting the Cheese on #IPADay

Still not sure what to do with your #IPADay? Looking for a simple yet enjoyable way to celebrate  your favorite India Pale Ales.  Here’s a guide to selecting the best cheeses from around to world to match with your favorite IPAs.  Since our beers are only available in Southern California,  you can use these suggestions as a guide for finding IPAs in your neck of the woods. If you’re planning to spend your #IPADay in So-Cal, come see us for Cask Night with $4 IPA pints & $9 growlers of IPA to-go.  We’re celebrating with 5x dry-hopped casks of Tower 10 IPA, Heavy Petti Double IPA & Boardwalk Black Rye in each of our brewpubs.

#IPADay Cheese Pairings

IPA & Cheese Basics:

It’s beer, not rocket science but consider the following when seeking the perfect cheese for your IPA.

Hop Bitterness:

– More IBU = More PU – Assertively hopped IPAs can handle the stinkiest blues.
– Dry bitterness balances sweetness and cuts richness.
– Bitterness will over power certain spices but will also intensify scoville units (i.e heat).

Hop Flavors/Terroir: Different growing regions produce hops with very distinct flavors and aromatics. Here are some basic examples:

USA Pacific Northwest: Floral, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, resinous pine
Continental Europe: Grassy, minty, floral, herbal, spicy
England: Woodsy, earthy, herbal
New Zealand/Australia: Floral, berries, tropical, citrus

Tower 10 IPA & Apricot Stilton

Tower 10 IPA – A West Coast-style India Pale Ale brewed with tons of Chinook and Cascade hops for a floral aroma and zesty grapefruit-like bitterness that lingers through the dry finish.
Stats: 7.0% ABV – 9 SRM – 70 IBU

Apricot Stilton: England’s “King of Blues” studded with dried apricots for a pleasant blend of fruit and tang.

The Pairing: Tower 10’s forward hop bitterness stands up to the assertive tang of the Stilton, while the apricot draws out the citrus and fruity hop flavors in the beer.

Worthy Substitutions: Racer 5 IPA, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, Ballast Point Sculpin IPA.

Heavy Petti Double IPA & Mango Stilton

Heavy Petti Double IPA – Karl Strauss brewer James Petti created this hoppy offering especially for International #IPADay. Using hops from both hemispheres, German caramel malts and Irish rolled oats, this international double IPA boasts a vibrant floral and tropical hop character that lingers through its smooth, dry finish.
Stats: 8.7% ABV – 13 SRM – 80 IBU

Mango Stilton: A tangy English blue studded with candied mango and spicy ginger.

The Pairing: New Zealand grown Motueka and Nelson Sauvin hops give the beer an intense floral and tropical hop character. When paired together, the hop bitterness stands up to the tanginess, while accentuating the tropical fruit flavors in both the beer and the cheese.

Worthy Substitutions: Epic Armagedon IPA, Big Barrel IIPA, Alpine Nelson

Mango & Apricot Stilton

Boardwalk Black Rye & Memoire + Midnight Moon

Boardwalk Black Rye  –  Inspired purely by imagination, this full-bodied black ale combines rich and spicy rye malts with the vibrant hop profile of a West Coast Double IPA.
Stats: 8.0% ABV – 80 SRM – 80 IBU

Memoire:  A smooth a creamy Dutch Gouda, sprinkled with truffles for added spice.

Midnight Moon: A 1 year-aged goat’s milk cheese from California with sweet toffee flavors and a nutty finish.

The Pairings: Memoire’s spicy black truffle flavors draw out Boardwalk’s spicy rye malt character, while the sweet Midnight Moon softens the hop bitterness and accentuates the beer’s toffee undertones.

Worthy Substitutions: Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale, Deschutes Hop in the Dark, Sierra Nevada Beer Camp India Ink

On Tap for #IPADay:

5x Dry-hopped Tower 10 IPA Cask NightTo celebrate Inernational #IPADay we dry-hopped casks of T10 with five different hops varietals, including Amarillo, Ahtanum, Cascade, Chinook and Pacifica.

$4 Pints & $9 Growlers to-go: Tower 10 IPA, Heavy Petti Double IPA & Boardwalk Black Rye

Featured #IPADay Pairing: Boardwalk Black Rye & Three Little Piggies

Three Little Piggies: A sausage slider three-way. Linguica with peach mustard, three pepper sausage with chipotle mayo, and Andouille with cotija tomato.

The Pairing: It takes more than a straw-hut pairing to weather Boardwalk’s big, bad flavor profile but this swine does just fine. Sweet Linguisa and peach mustard draw out the beer’s citrus hop flavors, while the pepper sausage with chipotle accentuates the spicy rye malts. Rounding things out is smoky Adouille with cotija-tomato, striking the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

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